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Passion Alive is the manifestation of your heart's deepest desires. It's a burning fire that just won't quit. It’s living a life by design. How does one fulfill their Passion? Be selfish to become selfless; Give what you have to receive everything you need; Be Present, now is all there ever is! 


Hi! I’m Gemini, a motivational speaker with a passion for life and people. I want to help you keep your PASSION ALIVE!





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There’s nothing more powerful than making a decisive choice about your life’s desires. This is your life, you choose the design, shape, color, and mode it to your specifications.

"The only true possession is self-possession."

                                                  - Napoleon Hill 

Take possession of your mind and your world will shift. Your dreams & goals happen twice - first in the mind and then in reality. What I know for sure is that “we don’t need motivation, we need habits that create discipline”. My job is to help you keep the goals and commitments you’ve set for yourself - by doing so you take ownership of your mind and your life. It’s a mindset! In these sessions, we’ll meditate, visualize and discuss your life’s desires, while being held accountable in love.  

PassionALIVE: Inspirational speaking

As we learn to LOVE the greatest LOVE of all – OURSELVES! That’s when our souls are set ablaze to experience the reality of our most exhilarating dreams and aspirations. Once we become completely in tune with ourselves, everything we do will go toward keeping our passionALIVE!


PassionALIVE motivational speaking sessions is designed to move one toward their life’s purpose. You’ll capture a sense of true self; you’ll be ready to love every part of you and grow to understand the idea of giving what you have to receive all you need. Most importantly you’ll be encouraged to BE PRESENT in your journey-Now is all there ever is.. I’ll share my journey through stories as you embrace the idea of moving forward in yours. Ready, Set......Life is good, all of it! SMILE!





PassionALIVE vision board session

(Next session…coming soon) - PAID EVENT


A Vision board session is a goal-setting event where you create a visualization of your goals.


Success starts in your mind, with an idea, with ACTION, it has very little to do with money or material possessions; those are tools resulting from our success! We become, receive, and believe what we think about all day. What’s on your mind? It’s your choice!


My PassionAlive vision board sessions are designed to help you manifest your heart desires through yoga, meditation, discussion, and visualization. You’ll spend an 8 hour day with like-minded individuals, catered lunch, and incredible energy. You’ll leave the session with a renewed focus on your life’s goals and a personalized vision board.


To continue growth - consider one-on-one or semi-group sessions through my PassionALIVE: Life coaching sessions.

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