I’m Gemini, a motivational speaker with a passion for life and people. I want to help you keep your PASSION ALIVE!


PASSION ALIVE means to discover, difine and allow our gifts to manifest! 


It's simply a matter of bringing it to life, living what our heart desires.  We do this by loving all that we are in this moment, using the many resources available to us; taking the time to explore who we really are.  Once that is done the clearer our vision becomes.  Once we have mastered a great sense of who we are, then we can begin giving what we have to receive everything we need.  PASSION is lived, PASSION is embracing where we are in this moment so the years will take care of themselves.  PASSION IS..........only when it's ALIVE!








PASSION ALIVE motivational speaking sessions transcend racial, cultural, personal and circumstantial barriers and are purposefully intertwined with theatrical and comical elements.


PASSION ALIVE motivational speaking sessions are designed to move young people toward their true calling.  One will capture a sense of true self; one will be ready to love every part of themselves and grow to give all that they have to receive everything that they need. Most of us have more than one passion; it’s a matter of following those passions which will lead us to our true calling. Young people who are seeking creatively to express themselves as an original, not a copy must understand this more than anyone. Young people will be renewed and ready to shape their lives in a way that only they have the power to do.





Once we become completely in tune with ourselves, everything we do will go toward keeping PASSION ALIVE and discovering our true calling.


Motivational speaking sessions are best for groups of hundred or less, as this allows us to be interactive, it allows for a more intimate setting which seems to enable us to be more free with how and what we feel. Presentations are forty mins excluding the Q&A that follows right after.


Leave session with these 3 life changing points


  • To love yourself enough to be selfish so that you become SELF-LESS


  • To give what you have to receive everything that you need


  • To embrace this moment so the years will take care of themselves






           PASSION ALIVE: Living your best life NOW  


           PASSION ALIVE: College choice & fit

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