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Suite Living in Panama City

Hi Travelers,

There are two incredible things about traveling (actually, there are more, to make my point, there are two): The people you choose to travel with & your accommodations after a day of sightseeing or pure relaxation!

We all know what makes any travel worth tripping - the people (whether a walk to the corner store or a 24-hour flight to Bali); there's nothing better than exploring a new or old city with people who "get you", are open to exportation, with soul and kindness. It's quite beautiful. If you have experienced these people, you know exactly what I'm writing about!

And then there's lodging….

We chose the Hilton Panama for this trip - I could not have been more pleased, impressed, whooed, and taken aback - all in the best way! I traveled as a Hilton VIP Diamond member and was upgraded to an 800sq ocean-view suite. I had no desire to leave - yup, it was/is that fabulous. It included a Life Fitness treadmill, two bathrooms, and room to roam around in your unmentionables! Yes, I'm recommending you do this…SMILE!

The hotel is massive and located along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, excellent for jogging. It's in the city's heart with tons to explore - we really enjoyed Oldtown.

My Favs:

  • The fitness center, level P: open, spacious, high welcoming ceiling, and super clean.

  • Breakfast was a complete delight; we sat on the terrace most morning, affording more ocean views and kind service from staff.

  • Staff ( An attitude of gratitude and service with a smile). On day two, the General Manager, Andres, called to ensure all was well with our stay. My goodness, it feels good to have someone check in, especially a brand you love. Thank you, Andres and Team!

If you enjoy the ease, convenience, and prices of Mexico - I encourage you to make your next trip to Panama City, PA. It's conveniently located, only a 5-hour flying time from most US Cities, four and five-star hotels are less than $150 bucks, and food and drinks are about 30% less than the states. The people are kind; the city has been Panama (Latin America), dubbed the new Dubai. #TeamPanama


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